Premier - Copiers / Printers / IT Services
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Technology is only effective when it’s operating the way it is supposed to. That’s why we take support very seriously at Premier.

Since 1999, Premier has been providing outstanding support to thousands of companies and organizations in the Midwest. Our team consists of more than 52 factory-trained and certified field technicians and four service managers with an average tenure of 20 years.

When you call Premier to service your machines, you can be confident we will get the job done:

  • We have a total parts inventory in excess of $500,000.
  • Most service calls are completed without having to order any parts.
  • Any piece of equipment that experiences three or more service calls within a 30-day period will automatically generate a report to management.
  • Field managers perform random follow-ups to ensure our technicians are consistently delivering quality service.
  • Field managers routinely ride with technicians to maintain our high level of quality.
  • We survey customers after every service call to help ensure we maintain our high levels of customer satisfaction.
  • We randomly mail more than 250 customer surveys per month to ensure expectations are met.
  • Our technicians carry laptops loaded with the latest software and firmware updates for the equipment they service.
  • Technicians sign their work by leaving the customers with a care card that details the work they performed.